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Features of Batik Tulis that has good quality

Batik Tulis is a unique batik because not all batik craftsmen can imitate the work of other batik craftsmen. Batik Tulis also has a high artistic and aesthetic (beauty) value because it is the result of a high imagination. So it's not surprising that many of us find the price of Batik Tulis in stores or in the market is quite high, up to tens of millions of rupiah, unlike pirated batik such as stamped batik, printed batik and the like.

However, there are still many kinds of Batik Tulis, based on the quality there are batik that has low quality or the market, there is standard quality and there is high class or high class or exclusive quality.

Of the various qualities of Batik Tulis, not everyone really understands about Batik Tulis. People who don't know about hand-drawn batik may think that batik is good, has high quality, when in fact the batik that is thought to be good is actually market-based batik. It's a shame if he buys batik that is thought to be of exclusive quality but turns out to be of lower quality, he will automatically regret it.

That's why we, producers of Batik Tulis, want to share tips so that when you want to buy original batik, batik that is truly written, it would be nice if you pay attention to the following things:

First, you have to determine, do you want to buy batik (which is really the result of original writing)? If so, you should know the difference between Batik Tulis and non-Batik Tulis (stamped batik and printed batik). You can read here "the difference between Batik Tulis and stamped batik and printed batik".

Second, batik has various qualities, so you have to decide what kind of quality batik do you want to buy? Is it low quality? medium quality?, or high quality? For that you must know the difference in the quality of the Batik Tulis. you can read in the article "characteristics of high quality / exclusive batik".

Third, batik is unique, to understand the difference in the quality of Batik Tulis is not as easy as reading an article, because in fact sometimes craftsmen are fooled by the quality of batik, if you do not understand or are not so sure to distinguish the quality of batik, then we advise you to consultation with experienced batik experts/craftsmen. If you have trouble, we are ready to help you.

By knowing the characteristics of good quality or high class batik, you will automatically be able to understand between low quality batik, standard quality handwritten batik, and high quality/high class batik. But before going there, I would like to invite you to guess which of the following batiks is low quality, standard and high/good quality?

The following are the characteristics of good quality batik:

1. Using good cloth

One of them is to know very easily which characteristics of good batik and which are bad batik can be seen from the fabric that is made. I am only here to explain the batik cloth that is commonly used for hand-drawn batik. Batik fabrics that are commonly used by batik craftsmen include:

  • a. polite cloth
  • b. cotton cloth
  • c. sadak cloth
  • d. super fabric B
  • e. prime cloth
  • f. three flag cloth
  • g. chariot cloth
  • h. Silk fabric

All of the above fabrics are fabrics that are commonly used as the basic ingredients of batik by batik craftsmen, but we will explain the level of quality of batik fabrics above. The most standard quality of fabric is starting from the top (polite fabric), the lower the better. So polite cloth is the most standard cloth while silk cloth is the best cloth.

2. Batik coloring process

The second way to find out which batik has good quality is by knowing how many times the batik coloring process is carried out. You can ask the batik seller for this coloring process. This method is a little difficult because in the coloring process there are at least two ways that are usually done by hand-drawn batik craftsmen.

The first (1) uses coloring like dyes, and the second (2) uses coloring like coloring paper.

The number of coloring processes and coloring techniques will affect the quality and price of hand-drawn batik. To find out the process and techniques of dyeing on Batik Tulis cloth, it can actually be seen from the color of batik itself. Of course, everyone cannot do this analysis except for batik craftsmen or certain people who understand Batik Tulis.

There are very important things in coloring that you really need to know, namely about the dyes used, of the many dyes used by batik artisans, to make it easier for us to classify them into the first two dyes (1) dyes used does not fade "there are so many substances that we don't explain, and second (2) dyes that fade "this is what you must remember very well in your mind" this faded dye is known as remazol dye, indeed the advantage of this substance is brightness color but only at the beginning. To find out is not easy so you can ask the seller or the expert.

3. The Batik Tulis is smooth and neat

Rough medium fine is the third way to determine whether the quality of batik is good or not, it can be seen from the smoothness and neatness of the motif or batik design itself. Smooth Batik Tulis uses a special canting whose results are indeed good, smooth means that the scratches or writings of batik motifs are small and thin. For more details, we liken it to bonpoin (smooth) and bordmarker (rough).

If the batik is smooth, the motif is usually neat because it is usually considered carefully in advance by batik craftsmen. For those of you who don't understand, you can pay attention and compare between Batik Tulis which is priced above 1 million with Batik Tulis at a price of 100 thousand. The difference is huge.

4. The batik motifs/designs are unique and exclusive

The fourth way to find out between good and ordinary Batik is to look at the batik motif itself, whether the motif is in the market (many are the same in the market) or not. This method is only an addition, because usually when batik uses good cloth and a smooth batik process, the craftsmen do not want to imitate the batik of other craftsmen.

Those are some ways to find out whether Batik Tulis is good or not, of course in practice it is not as easy as what we explain. For those of you who do not really understand about Batik Tulis, we recommend consulting the experts or us.

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