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Batik Tegalan Asked to Be More Creative And Innovative

Tegal - To be able to compete with other products, Batik Tegalan is asked to be more creative and innovative. Creative is creating something different from the others. While innovative is creating something that has never existed before, such as new patterns, new designs and new colors according to trends.

"Don't let us get bored because of monotonous patterns and motifs," said the Mayor of Tegal, H Dedy Yon Supriono when inaugurating the Griya Batik Showroom and Meeting Room in Bandung Village, Tuesday (18/1/2022).

Dedy Yon asked the Head of the Department of Manpower and Industry, R Heru Setyawan, to foster more innovation and innovation in Batik Tegalan so that it is not boring and can be competitive. Dedy Yon hopes that the Batik Showroom, which has just been inaugurated, can provide opportunities for creative economy entrepreneurs in Tegal City. In this case, Batik Tegal is one way to boost the popularity of Batik Tegalan in Bandung Village and Kalinyamat Wetan in a wider area.

The two-story building, which was built with a budget of Rp. 545 million, is a showroom that is prepared to display batik products and also the works of fashion supporting handicrafts and is equipped with a fairly representative meeting room in addition to increasing the capacity of crafters, as well as to receive buyers' guests who come to the batik house. In addition to being a Batik Tegalan storefront and Exhibition Room, the newly inaugurated Griya Batik can also be used as a space to establish communication and interact between micro-enterprises in Tegal City.

According to him, the purpose of building Griya Batik is to provide a showroom for creative economy players, especially batik.

"The existence of the Griya Batik Showroom will later be able to present a new look for Batik Tegalan, for example if guests from outside the city can be invited here and it's not embarrassing, then make this batik house a Batik Industry Storefront in Tegal City," said the Mayor of Tegal.

Dedy Yon advised, after the existence of Griya Batik, it should be used as well as possible often by holding exhibition events, or fashion festivals, so that Batik Tegal, both written and printed batik, will become more visible, therefore, he encourages exhibition events to be held frequently. The showroom. The relevant offices are to help provide facilitation for the Small and Medium Industry (IKM) of batik in Tegal City, including training for batik IKM which can be in the form of technical training in production, design, production management and marketing, so that Batik Tegal can compete.

The Head of the Department of Industry and Trade (Disperindag) of Central Java Province, Arif Sambodo, appreciated and welcomed the efforts of the Tegal City Government in its efforts to improve the quality of Batik Tegal products. The batik industry is one of the mainstay sectors and is a market leader in making a significant contribution, especially in export value.

"In order to encourage the value of exports, especially batik, we at the provincial level are ready to facilitate in order to make craftsmen into batik exporters," said the Head of Industry and Trade of Central Java province.

His party has export coaching programs, which provide knowledge about the rules for being able to export to meeting buyers. Head of the Department of Manpower and Industry, R Heru Setyawan on the same occasion said that with the inauguration of the Showroom and Meeting Room of Griya Batik Tegal City, it is hoped that the quality of batik will increase, Batik Tegal will be more competitive and have wider access to marketing.

Griya Batik is not only a production center for batik, but also a batik training center so that the regeneration of artisans can be realized. In addition, Griya Batik can be a tourist destination, guests from other regions can visit to see the batik process and are interested in buying Batik Tegal.

"With the development of the Tegal Batik industry, the welfare of artisans and society in general will prosper," said Heru. Present with invited guests, Chairman of Commission I DPRD Tegal City, Drs Ansori Faqih.

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