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Batik Cirebon Describing the Nuances of the Kacirebonan Palace

Mega Mendung is one of Cirebon's most famous batik motifs. This motif describes the shape of a collection of clouds in the sky. It is said that according to Cirebon history, this motif was formed when someone saw the shape of clouds in a puddle after rain and the weather was cloudy.

However, this typical Cirebon batik has its own charm for the public to know that the motif is very beautiful and luxurious, so this megamendung batik is in great demand by people such as Mr. SBY and his wife.

Not only megamendung, Cirebon typical Batik also has a Keratonan motif, which is a motif with the nuances of the Kacirebonan palace with a blend of brown, beige, and black colors describing traditional Cirebon tools or the nuances of the Kacirebonan palace.

Keraton batik is an exclusive batik that is only in the palace environment. In the past, people outside the palace could not carelessly wear this batik.

Actually there are 3 more typical Cirebon batik motifs, but the most widely known by the wider community are the Megamendung Cirebon batik motif and the Keratonan motif because these two motifs are the most targeted by Exclusive batik enthusiasts.

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