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List of Recommended Batik Shops in Tegal City

Batik Tegal Store Recommendations - Batik is one of the Indonesian people's identity clothes that has a high value. Because it contains the historical value of this country's civilization and batik activities have become a hereditary culture of Indonesian society.

One of the batik-producing areas is Tegal City, in this city you can easily find batik production centers that sell batik from Tegal or batik from outside Tegal. And if you're in the city of Tegal, it's less satisfying if you don't buy batik as a special souvenir for your family or relatives at home. Here we have made a list of recommended batik shops that you can visit when you are or are visiting the city of Tegal:

Kencana Ungu Batik Shop

Kencana Ungu batik shop is a batik shop that sells various types of batik from various regions in Indonesia, such as Pekaongan Batik, Solo Batik, Yogyakarta Batik, Cirebon Batik, and many more. The batik models available in this shop are also very diverse, some are still in the form of cloth, or ready-made clothes. The ready-made clothes sold at this batik shop include long-sleeved batik shirts, short-sleeved batik shirts, kebaya, children's batik shirts, and others.

Kencana Ungu batik shop is open every day from 09.00-17.00 WIB. If you are interested in buying batik in this shop you have to go to Jl. General Ahmad Yani No. 85, Mankukusuman, East Tegal District, Tegal City.

Keraton Batik Shop

The next shop that we recommend is the Keraton batik shop. This batik shop sells various types of batik from various parts of Indonesia at affordable prices but with good quality. The Keraton batik shop also provides stamped or written batik which is still in the form of batik cloth and some are already in the form of ready-made clothes. For batik clothing, it provides good clothing for men, women, as well as children's batik clothing. You can visit the Keraton batik shop at any time because this shop is open every day from morning to night.

Griya Batik Tegal

The next place that you must visit when hunting for batik in the city of Tegal is Griya Batik Tegal. Griya Batik Tegal is located in the Bandung area, South Tegal, Tegal City. This place was basically founded by the Tegal city government to encourage the development and production of batik craftsmen in the city of Tegal, in order to develop wider production and marketing. You can find various types of batik both from Tegal and batik from outside Tegal. The batik that is sold must also have good quality compared to other batik shops.

Yuswa batik

Our next recommended shop is Yuswa batik shop. This shop provides various types of Indonesian batik with various types of fabrics and various motifs. The batik models sold also vary, there are written batik and there is also stamped batik, as well as various ready-made clothes such as batik shirts, kebaya, couple batik clothes, sogan, brocade combination batik, and others.

Yuswa's shop is located on Jl. Ababil No.13, RT.07/RW.06, Randugunting, South Tegal District, Tegal City. If you are interested in shopping for batik at Yuswa's shop, you must go Monday-Saturday from 09.00 to 19.00, and on Sundays this batik shop is closed.

Rumah Wangi and Batik Tegalan

The last recommendation is Rumah Wangi and Batik Tegalan, here you will find a variety of batik for men, women, or children. For the price, don't worry, because it is guaranteed that you can get quality batik at an affordable price. Wangi House is located on Jl. East Kauman, Pekauman, West Tegal District, Tegal City.

Those are some recommendations for batik shops that you can visit in Tegal City. If you are looking for batik recommendations in other areas, stay on our website because we will provide a list of recommended batik shops in various regions in Indonesia.

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