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Kembang Mulyo Batik From Jepara

By: Lina Bowo "Batik Kembang Mulyo, Mulyoharjo Village, Jepara".

Batik art in Jepara has existed since the era of RA Kartini. The famous female hero had already sent her friend in the Netherlands a batik work of hers. So that Jepara Batik already existed in the era of RA Kartini. And it turns out that it has been more than a century that the era of Jepara batik has disappeared from circulation.

Mulyoharjo Village is not only a village that is famous for its Carving and Sculpture Tourism Village, but Mulyoharjo Village can give birth to Kartinis who is able to carve dots into Enchanting Batik. Namely Batik Kembang Mulyo. Batik from the past until now is still done by mothers. Therefore, it is not wrong if this batik is closer to mother's art. Jepara Batik is batik that uses motifs according to the famous art from Jepara to foreign countries, namely Carving. 

Jepara Batik uses pictures or carvings typical of Jepara. Batik art in Jepara is created and developed by a community that cares about Batik Jepara. They make batik with Jepara characteristics, including carvings typical of Jepara and the historical culture of Jepara Regency. In addition to this, the Batik community is continuously promoting batik activities, because batik is something that can be trained to control emotions, because batik requires precision and patience. mats, and many went bankrupt. And many mothers who do not have activities and work as laborers. 

Even at the beginning of 2015 many mothers worked outside the area rather than in their own environment. So there are those who try to collect and foster to be able to have expertise in other fields besides dealing with wood. Namely one of them is batik. So that a business group was formed, one of which was the pioneering Batik Kembang Mulyo Group, namely establishing a batik business group. In the beginning, there were few who joined this field, gradually it grew and continued to improve. In the end, a group of mothers formed a group to align the goals, vision, and mission together.

At the beginning, mothers were still awkward/weird when they heard the word Batik. So that he was invited to join the Batik group, it was a little difficult because he thought it was difficult. Because you need to be patient, and you need to practice continuously to be able to make batik. Most of the businesses of the Mulyoharjo community are furniture and handicraft entrepreneurs. And the women of the furniture environment work as sandpaper and sculpting/carving workers. And the current condition of some mothers who are no longer strong with dust pollution generated from sandpaper and carving. So with the existence of this Batik group, it turns out to be able to show its contribution in an effort to make an alternative choice of a job that can help family income. At least it can indirectly reduce unemployment and create jobs in Mulyoharjo Village, Jepara District, Jepara Regency.

By grouping it will make it easier in production and marketing. So the concept of Kampung Batik is to create a Batik group consisting of housewives who do not have jobs and have the desire to progress. And with this group is expected to learn together to help each other. And this group is centered in RT 08 RW 04 at Lina's mother's house. And it is hoped that mothers can study here often by coming to Lina's mother's house. It is hoped that learning here (Mrs. Lina's house) can continue, so that the knowledge of batik is more mature. So that later they can make batik in their respective homes. After it was smooth and able to make batik and batik at their respective homes.

Batik Kembang Mulyo is a work of Kartini in the village of Mulyoharjo, Jepara, which depicts integration, balance and harmony in the social environment. What is depicted by a Mulyo Flower Motif Batik with intertwined twigs and leaves is a sign that life is interrelated and needs each other. And embellished with a series of dots depicting the light of the stars and the moon as the light of life.

Wrapped in Maroon Color which symbolizes Courage and Love. Which reminds us all of female characters who are not only beautiful but also have a brave personality. That is KALINYAMAT QUEEN. Embellished with pink color which has the meaning of serenity. Wrapped in Black which symbolizes Praetism, Strength, Wealth, Protection and Independence. Which reminds us all of female characters who are not only beautiful but also have a brave personality. That is KALINYAMAT QUEEN.

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