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The Menamai Batik Clothing Demonstration Reaps Praise and a Warm Welcome from Napier

New Zealand's Napier - More than 30 batik-printed garments by Indonesian designer Arif Gerry Fauzi, who has lived in New Zealand since 2015, were displayed at Creative Arts Napier. Arif Gerry's Mennama fashion line consists primarily of daywear and evening gowns. The fashion show, held on April 9, 2022, garnered acclaim, enthusiasm, and a warm welcome from Napier Mayor Kirsten Wise, the local community, and those who attended from Indonesia. Fientje Maritje Suebu, the Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand, Samoa, the Kingdom of Tonga, the Cook Islands, and Niue, as well as employees from the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington, attended the ceremony. Batik activities were also held before to the fashion show, which were separated into two sessions.

Sucitarini Delyana, the proprietor of Denaya Batik Yogyakarta, trained 30 local community members in the creation of batik.

In his statement, Napier Mayor Kirsten Wise extended his thanks and admiration for the effort of the Indonesian Community Hawkes Bay (KAMIBAY), which hosted the "Indonesian Batik, Workshop, Fashion Show & Exhibition" event from 9-14 April 2022. This event will broaden people's understanding and experiences of batik and how to manufacture it, as well as their appreciation of Indonesian culture. The individual concerned hopes that the Indonesian Community and other Ethnic Communities in Napier would continue to promote this event, which is being organized for the first time.

Mayor Kirsten Wise says that multiculturalism enriches cultural life in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, in his remarks, Ambassador Fientje Maritje Suebu extended his gratitude and admiration to the Mayor of Napier, who was there, as well as Kamibay, who arranged this activity. Ambassador Fientje was thrilled to see so many ardent batik lovers, demonstrating that batik is well-known worldwide. Batik exists in Indonesian cultural life as a traditional legacy that is still practiced today. Batik has a variety of themes, such as the extended cloud in New Zealand; it may also be utilized in a variety of activities, such as wedding ceremonies, according to the Indonesian Ambassador. Ambassador Fientje also commended the Committee on a wonderful cultural event.

The fashion display started with Balinese dancing and ended with Javanese tunes. Meanwhile, the shown batik featured numerous themes such as Batik kawung, Batik truntum, machete, kumpeni batik, Batik Cirebon and Batik Lasem.

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