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Philosophy of Batik Sekar Jagad

Batik has a high aesthetic value, terms of meaning and philosophy which are local wisdom that needs to be understood and preserved. Harmony and harmonization between fellow human beings, humans with nature and the creator is contained in beautiful batik motifs, besides that batik motifs are also full of hope for a better life. One of them is the Sekar Jagad batik motif.

Sekar Jagad batik motif is one of the typical Indonesian batik motifs. This interior batik comes from Solo & Yogya. On a white background, it means a map of the world. Therefore, this motif symbolizes diversity both in Indonesia and around the world. This batik depicts a form of kindness and is usually worn by figures, nobles or officials. This will make him more confident by wearing this Sekar Jagad batik.

There are also those who think that the Sekar Jagad motif actually comes from the words Sekar and Jagad. Sekar which means flower and Jagad is the world. The combination of words reflected in the name of this motif is a worldwide collection of flowers. This motif is a geometric repetition by means of ceplok (paired side by side), which implies the beauty and nobility of life in the world. This motif began to develop since the 18th century. The Sekar Jagad motif is a batik motif that depicts the life of the whole world and the average Sekar Jagad batik motif is floral.

This batik motif has a pattern similar to a map image and has a variety of colors in each part. One of the beauties of this batik motif is that it exudes high beauty and appeal. In addition, the diversity of colors in this batik motif is also one form of the beauty of the Sekar Jagad batik motif.

By knowing the implied meaning of the batik motif that you will wear, then you will not misplace yourself with ongoing circumstances such as when attending a party or other formal event.

The Sekar Jagad motif in both classical and modern batik art with its main ornaments in the form of unified islands, various and colors, but the meaning of the pattern is still the same, it contains the meaning of beauty and beauty so that other people who see will be fascinated by the wearer. This batik motif is very well used by women to add charm to the soul to make it look more beautiful and wise.

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