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Sukowati Batik Fashion Held at Langen Putro Square Sragen

 The Regent of Sragen, dr. Kusdinar Untung Yuni Sukowati, and the Deputy Regent, Suroto, and the ranks of the Forkopimda Sragen with batik fashion typical of Sragen became models on the Sukowati Batik Fashion (SBF) 2022 catwalk, which took place at Sasono Langen Putro Square, Sragen, on Wednesday (26/10/2022) night.

Their performance became an amazing sight for the locals of Bumi Sukowati, who came to see it live as well.

Regent Yuni attended on that occasion wearing a black batik. Meanwhile, Suroto, the Deputy Regent, and his wife, Mrs. Supami Suroto, were dressed in a light brown batik.

The Head of Service, who was coupled with his wife and Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) Sragen, became a model for the batik fashion show of batik UMKM items in Bumi Sukowati after the Forkopimda ranks and their partners appeared.

"I would rather be a regent than a model since modeling is difficult. I was a little worried, but seeing the excited audience, it all came out. This demonstrates Batik Sragen's enormous and diversified potential "Yuni said.

The number one person in Sragen confessed that he was pleased with this year's SBF idea, which was well-organized. He hoped that SBF will become an annual event to promote Batik Sragen.

Regent Yuni stated that the Regency Government continues to promote batik in Sragen Regency in order for it to thrive and grow. One of them is tonight's MSME Exhibition and the 2022 Sukowati Batik Fashion.

He is confident that Batik Sragen would improve in class and quality as a result of this event. The event not only boosted the Batik and designer MSME sector, but it also boosted the region's creative economy.

"Aside from preserving cultural legacy, the existence of batik craftsmen in Masaran and Plupuh can also move the wheels of the economy affected by the C0v1d-I9 pandemic," he stated.

Cosmas Edwi Y, the Head of the Sragen Diskumindag, stated that the 2022 SBF is part of the 2022 Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) event. Last night, 13 batik MSMEs opened booths and participated in the fashion extravaganza.

Sukowati Batik Fashion will also include 24 models wearing Batik Sragen craftsmen and designers' masterpieces.

Suwanti Ifful Batik, Dewi Arum Batik, Nurul Hidayah Batik, Bintang Anisa Batik, Joyodipo Batik, S-Tu Jaya Batik, Dewa Dewi Batik, and Putri Lestari Batik are among them, he says.

Cosmas noted that the SBF was conducted to provide SMEs in Sragen, particularly batik, a platform to present themselves confidently.

"We also hope that individuals who watch Sukowati Fashion Batik will learn about the newest batik trends and receive new ideas for wearing batik as formal and non-formal attire," Cosmas said.

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