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6 Motifs Batik Surabaya Patented

Last November 2022, the Surabaya City Government (Pemkot) patented six batik motifs typical of Surabaya, the City of Heroes, which depict the city of Surabaya in various ways, so that in the future the batik motifs typical of Surabaya are ready for distribution and mass production.

Head of the Surabaya City Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperatives and Trade Office, Fauzie Mustaqiem Yos, said, based on directions from the Mayor of Surabaya Eri Cahyadi and the strong desire of the Head of Surabaya City Dekranasda Rini Indriyani Eri Cahyadi, his party applied for a patent for the six Surabaya batik motifs to Kemenkumham since some time ago, and finally issued the patent about a week ago.

"We were really assisted by the ministry in applying for this patent until finally it has now been patented. These six batik motifs will become the hallmark of Surabaya batik because they don't exist in other regions," said Fauzie Mustaqiem Yos during a press conference at the Diskominfo building, Surabaya City, Monday (14/11/2022).

The six patented batik motifs are Sparkling Batik, Kintir-Kintiran Batik, Abhi Boyo Batik, Gembili Wonokromo Batik, Kembang Bungur Batik and Remo Surabayan Batik. The six batik motifs were chosen after the Surabaya City Government held the 2022 Surabaya Batik Design Contest.

"These 6 batik motifs are from the winning batik designs 1-6 at the 2022 Surabaya Batik Design Contest. These batik craftsmen are very creative and submitted many of their own works to us, and after going through a very strict judging process, these six batik motifs were finally selected, and It is these six motifs that we have submitted to be patented and now they have come out, thank God," he said.

Bang Yos, nicknamed Fauzie Mustaqiem Yos, ensures that after the six typical Surabaya batik motifs are patented, the Surabaya City Government together with all elements will continue to market and introduce these motifs, both at the local, national and international levels. One way to introduce the typical Surabaya batik motif is by holding the Spontanz Festival in Collaboration with Surabaya Batik. "Later on, the capital city's artists will wear the typical Surabaya batik clothing," he said.

Apart from that, the Surabaya City Government also continues to market these typical Surabaya products at the Surabaya Kriya Gallery (SKG) Reborn. In fact, in the future there will also be several events or exhibitions to market these six typical Surabaya batik motifs.

"We are also looking for a special place to directly practice making Surabaya-style batik. So, later if there are guests from out of town and abroad, they can visit the place as well as learn batik and know firsthand the process of making this typical Surabaya batik," he said.

Putu Sulistiani, one of the Surabaya batik craftsmen from Batik Dewi Saraswati, admitted that she was very happy and proud because finally Surabaya has a typical Surabaya batik motif. Moreover, Mayor Eri and Dekranasda as well as the ranks of the Surabaya City Government are very intense in marketing typical Surabaya batik products, so this will motivate the craftsmen to continue working.

“We are very proud and happy because we finally have the characteristics of a patented batik motif. Of course, in the future the craftsmen will use the six batik motifs in each of their works," he said.

Meanwhile, Nuraini Farida, one of the batik craftsmen who created the Kintir-Kintiran batik motif, explained that the design of this batik motif depicts that Surabaya is surrounded by several rivers. This design also symbolizes that the Suroboyo children are like the flow of water that can follow the progress of the times, meaning that the Suroboyo children can be in any condition to fight for their lives and aspirations.

"In the Kintir-Kintir design there are also curved lines and jagged lines to represent the flow of the river and the nature of the mangroves with their sharp-looking roots. There are also Suro and Boyo ornaments in stylized forms symbolizing the Suroboyo children. I also put clover which symbolizes love and harmony, and there are bamboo stripe ornaments as a symbol of struggle and loyalty. So, everything has a meaning and it describes our beloved city, Surabaya," he concluded.

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