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UNISNU Jepara KKN Students Initiate Ecoprint Batik Innovation

 Student Real Work Group (KKN) of the Nahdlatul Ulama Islamic University (UNISNU) Jepara group 51 took advantage of the natural wealth in Jebol Village, Mayong District by initiating ecoprint batik innovation on Tuesday (08/02/2022) at Ahmad Nasikhuddin's residence.

They provide training and assistance in making ecoprint batik to Fatayat NU Jebol cadres which can be used to make uniforms, bags, wallets and so on. And it can be mass produced to restore the Fatayat group's economy during the pandemic.

"One of the reasons for choosing ecoprint batik is because the material is easy to find in Jebol Village." said Humamul Firdaus, a member of UNISNU KKN group 51.

Ecoprint batik itself is a batik made by tracing the colors and shapes or motifs of leaves. This results in a fabric that has a natural motif and has quite high selling value.

The process of making ecoprint batik is taken from several plants found in the surrounding area, such as: teak, ferns, roses, papaya, cassava and so on. The leaves of this plant are taken to be used as dye and to produce natural motifs.

"The ecoprint technique used is the hitting technique, namely by placing and designing the layout of the leaves on the cloth, then giving it a plastic backing so that the cloth doesn't get dirty, then hitting it with a hard object until the leaves are crushed and produce natural motifs and colors," he explained.

The motifs produced from ecoprint batik are considered more natural and contemporary compared to batik drawn or printed with classic batik.

One of the differences is that ecoprint batik does not require canting or other printing tools and the manufacturing technique is simple and easy for anyone to do.

One of the Fatayat cadres, Masruroh, said that the process of making batik is quite easy and produces good motifs and has a fairly high selling price. This ecoprint batik is ready to be produced by Fatayat Jebol Village members on a large scale.

"The results of this production can be used to make tablecloths, uniforms or other accessories such as wallets, bags and so on," he said.

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