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The story of Central Javanese Batik Entrepreneurs at the Exhibition

Sragen - In Kliwonan Village, Masaran District, Sragen Regency, Sunday (24/12/2023), hundreds of batik entrepreneurs enthusiastically took part in a discussion with Ganjar Pranowo. They believe that Presidential Candidate Number 3 is the main driver of batik progress.

After arriving at the location at around 22.30 WIB, the batik entrepreneurs remained enthusiastic. Most of them, women, did not hesitate to express their feelings to Ganjar.

According to Raminah, owner of Putri Lestari batik, Ganjar pays attention to the progress of batik, especially in Central Java. Among other things, he is always present at batik exhibitions in Central Java.

According to him, batik exhibitions always attract Mr Ganjar's attention.

"If Mr. Ganjar comes, the exhibition will definitely be busy. There will be people buying. Apart from that, Mr. Ganjar will come to the exhibition stands one by one and buy our products," he added.

Of the three 2024 presidential candidates, only Ganjar Pranowo wants to consider MSMEs, he said. He hopes that batik entrepreneurs and craftsmen will continue to exist and move forward.

He stated, "We believe that Mr. Ganjar can bring progress to batik. We ask that if there is an exhibition, Mr. Ganjar can attend."

However, Ganjar Pranowo stated that batik is a product that has a high level of artistry. Therefore, a good and modern marketing pattern is needed.

Batik entrepreneurs must continue to innovate to market their products. For example, telling the meaning or making batik. To let buyers know there is a story behind the batik, he said.

"Yes, I agree, for example if there are batik uniforms, we can collaborate with batik entrepreneurs," said the Presidential Candidate, who collaborated with Mahfud MD.

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