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Demak Batik Fashion Show Festival

 The Demak Regency Government has held the "Demak Batik Fashion Show Festival" to celebrate the 78th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Demak Creative House together with Tiara Kusuma Demak held the 2023 Demak Batik Fashion Show Festival with the theme 'Casual Ethnic' at Kali Tuntang Park, Sunday, (30/07/2023).

In his speech, the Regent of Demak, Dr. Hj. Eisti'anah, S.E. conveyed, the fashion show competition is not just a fashion show, but there is also a story, message and meaning behind every outfit worn.

"This very positive activity is the perfect opportunity for designers, models and participants to show their talents, creativity and abilities," he said.

Apart from that, according to him, this moment can also be used to preserve and innovate to develop local wisdom, especially Demak Batik.

"Hopefully the typical Demak batik patterns and motifs can be increasingly recognized by the wider community. "Demak Regency itself has superior batik products, such as Guava, Starfruit, Marine Biota, Flora, Demak Grand Mosque, Bledek Door motifs, and many more motifs that can be developed to enrich Demakan motifs," he said.

Regent Eisti hopes that the festival can become an opportunity to promote typical Demak batik so that people's interest in using Demak batik can increase.

"Hopefully in the future Demak batik products will also be better known outside the region so that they can improve the community's economy," he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee of the Demak Creative House, Kang Sodiq, said that the aim of holding this event was to introduce Demak's typical batik to the public.

“As well as introducing the public space of the Kali Tuntang park. "And also as a participation event to celebrate the 78th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia at Demak Regency Level," he said.

Fashion show participants are divided into 4 categories, namely the 5 - 7 year old category, the 8 - 12 year old category, the 13 - 17 year old category and the general category. With a registration fee of 100 thousand per category and a total prize of eight million rupiah is provided.

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