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Batik Jepara is Not Just a Work of Art

Jepara - Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang's Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) honored Jepara Regent Dian Kristiandi for his contribution to the preservation of Batik Jepara.

The prize was presented by the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Undip Semarang Alamsyah, on Friday (11/20/2020) at Pendapa Kartini Jepara. Besides Dian Kristiandi, honors were also handed to Batik Jepara watcher Hadi Priyanto, and batik artisan Suyanti Jatmiko.

According to Alamsyah, the aim for this activity was to provide prizes to persons as individuals or those who occupy positions that experts believe have contributed to local Batik Jepara themes. The award is based on three years of study conducted under the aegis of LPPM Undip Semarang through outstanding university applied research (PTUPT).

"Based on our views and contacts, we believe the Regent of Jepara Dian Kristiandi is fairly good in terms of devotion to the batik creative business. As a result, it is deserving of this honor "Alamsyah said.

He went on to say that this function demonstrates the form of execution of the regional medium-term development plan (RPJMD) throughout the regent's tenure. According to the researchers' contacts, the regent made a real attempt to progress the batik creative sector as a native Jepara identity, despite the declining capacity to carve out the Jepara people.

"We anticipate his interest in developing indigenous Batik Jepara themes will grow," he added.

The Regent of Jepara Dian Kristiandi expressed gratitude to LPPM Undip, who presented the honor. He is devoted to reviving micro, small, and medium companies (MSMEs), particularly the batik industry that is emerging in the City of Carving, by mandating state civil officials (ASN) to wear traditional Batik Jepara every Thursday and Friday.

Previously, from Tuesday to Friday, ASN in Jepara Regency wore troso and batik weaving, according to the regent. However, I want to stress once more and be more specific for ASN by wearing traditional Batik Jepara every Thursday and Friday.

"Remember, Batik Jepara, not other areas' batik," Andi, his nickname, added.

In connection with this, the regent will release a Regent Regulation (Perbup) governing the usage of Batik Jepara for ASN uniforms beginning in early January 2021. Andi feels that it is past time for Jepara to be renowned not just as a carving city, but also as a batik city.

"There will be a new Perbub in January that demands ASN to wear batik (characteristic of Jepara) every Thursday and Friday," he explained.

Andi believes that batik activists will be able to include more of Jepara's treasures into their batik art. Because, according to him, many objects may still be employed as batik motifs. Like customs or other aspects that define Bumi Kartini.

Suyanti Sujatmiko, a traditional Batik Jepara artisan, applauded the intention to apply the legislation. He stated that up till now, thousands of typical Batik Jepara motifs have been created by batik craftsmen around Jepara.

"Every batik work has a Jepara carving ornamental element, if it's a trademark." "I wish that each town has its unique batik style," he remarked.

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